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Your Journey to
Freedom & Harmony 

Experience ultimate transformation and healing through radical forgiveness, breathwork and other self-care practices.

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

About Marina

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Marina Valentina George

Emotional Release Facilitator

My name is Marina and I don't stay stuck in my story.

I have been through many struggles in my life, all which had a greater purpose.  Learning this has helped me grow and become a person who refuses to live in "victim-land", I want that for you, too. 

As a child, I sensed that something was off in the one place that was supposed to be my safe haven.  I witnessed abuse, lost my father at age 7 all while trying to keep on a happy face and please others around me.  As I grew older, I started to develop a need to seek attention in all the wrong places.  I found myself going in circles. I even allowed myself to be disrespected by others and eventually fell into a state of comfort with mediocrity. Deep inside, I knew that the direction I was going wasn't aligned with my purpose and that one day it would all make sense.  


My desire to share what I've learned through this journey is an intention to make an impact on others. With this, I aim to achieve results for my clients that create the best versions of themselves. 


I am blessed to be able to share my gifts and abilities to help you enhance your life too.  My goal is to help you find the power in your pain and heal your heart in the process.


To read more about my journey with Radical Forgiveness, go here: How Radical Forgiveness changed my life


Radical Forgiveness, Breathwork, Reiki



Client Love

"Marina held a strong and loving space for me, as she guided me through the worksheets, explained how it all worked, and offered guidance when needed, so I could share my truth. An important wing to my business was finally given the opportunity to take flight, thanks to the work I did with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina!"

Alahnnaa Campbell (Oakville, ON)

For more from this client, go here: "The longterm benefits of working with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George"



Marina Valentina George

Emotional Release Facilitator

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