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Sacred Inner Circle

Where Healing Begins...

What if you could break free from victimhood & enter a life of
freedom, peace & harmony?

Are you experiencing struggles in life due to the lasting effects of trauma caused by a narcissistic partner, loved one or family member?


Do you wish you could begin to heal, move forward and finally start living your life confidently on your terms?


Women who have suffered through narcissistic abuse/relationships often experience:




Self Doubt

Negative Self Talk

Low Self Esteem

Lack of Confidence

Emotional Hyper-reactivity

Unexplained pain/illness

Sleep Disturbances

Trust Issues

Confused Relationship Boundaries


Does any of that sound familiar?

I know you long to be pain-free & heal your heart, yet the road sometimes feels long & lonely!


Please know that you don't have to go through this healing alone.

There is support & guidance available as well as tools you can utilise to make it easier!


The 'Sacred Inner Circle with coach Marina' is a space where you can

join other women along their healing journey too!

Get support, resources & expert advice to assist you along the way.

This membership has been designed to guide you into a life of freedom, peace & harmony; allowing you to develop self-love, self-worth & heal from the inside out!

Inside The Sacred Inner Circle...


Marina Valentina George

Emotional Release Facilitator

  • Monthly Virtual Women's Circle with Marina

  • Workshops on diverse themes like:

    • Sharing your Story through Art​

    • Release Your Emotions using EFT

    • Subconscious Re-Programming

  • Radical Forgiveness, Breathwork, Reiki Self-Love Resources

  • Pre-recorded Healing Practices & Meditations

  • Affirmations & Angel/Oracle Messages

  • Guest Expert Speakers

  • Supportive Community of Like-Minded Women

  • Special Discounts on Programs and Retreats

  • Plus Lots of Other Fun Surprises! 

Special Offer

$30/month or $300/year 
(Valued at $150/month) 
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