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 and Other Family Support 


Shopping experience and food prep $200

Wouldn't you like to save money, time, and eat better, so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best, and take care of the people who need you? If so, why not give yourself this amazing gift of self-love?

Shop together (for up to 1hr) and learn all kinds of ways to get the best product for the lowest price and what kind of ingredients go together, etc. Plus up to 4hrs preparing the food you bought, so that is it ready to eat and easy to combine, throughout your week, or when you're away on vacation. Cooking not included.

food Prep $160

Skip the shopping trip, and go straight to up to 4hrs of food prep. Catered to your eating restrictions, needs, and preferences. Cooking not included.

other family support $40/hr

Support available to research, find, and negotiate cost and interest rates for any household or family purchase, including camps, activities, hiring, event planning, securing a location, organizing catering and other services, making calls and booking appointments, pet and/or house sitting, watering plants, folding laundry, collecting the mail, etc.

Package pricing available upon request for longer commitment clients.

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